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Good question and frankly one you should ask. I came to this country and could only speak a couple of words in English. I also arrived with the attitude that I was never going to take Australia for granted. I applied the principles I am now teaching you and by age 32 — I was a multimillionaire.

So, whenever you seek financial advice you should ask that person about their own success. There is a big difference between theory and practice and if the person you are seeking advice from isn’t earning two or three times what you are (at the very least!) and have a substantial asset base, do they really know how to create wealth? Are they really worth listening to? Well, I am a self-made millionaire and coach to hundreds of happy Australians who proudly call themselves millionaires too.

My company JDL Strategies has been helping others create wealth and financial freedom for over 28 years. Can your current financial adviser match or better that? If so, great! If not, then just how successful are they and are they really worth listening to?

This is a FREE, no obligation consultation with one of JDL Strategies’ specialist Client Managers. At this meeting all your numbers are plugged into our sophisticated software to determine where your finances are headed if you continue on your current path.

This is a golden opportunity for you to consider what your numbers are actually doing. Feedback from clients is that this is one powerful moment in their financial lives where they, sometimes for the first time, actually ‘get present’ regarding their finances.

From here you are under no obligation to continue further if you do not wish.

It depends on what your numbers tell us but usually a full plan of action is then discussed and offered to you.

At this point most choose to engage JDL for the preparation of their individual plan (costing you $880).

A plan is prepared and presented within a week. After engagement is finalised our expert team of professionals will then work with you for finance, insurance, super, real estate etc. You never had an investment platform as good as this!

Absolutely “Yes”! This is the best part! There’s no 6 inch thick manuals to wade through, no CD or DVD sets to yawn your way through late at night after a hard day at work. And no, you don’t have to spend months and research scores of properties or pour over stock market charts – all the work is done for you by our expert team according to a strict set a criteria AND based on your personal circumstances and goals.

Each person’s JDL Strategies Chain Reaction™ is totally different. In fact most JDL Strategies clients continue on with their busy lives, comfortable that their wealth creation is bubbling away behind the scenes with no appreciable difference to their daily schedule.

The reality is TIME = $ = TIME. We help stop you from matching your income to your bills.

Yes, JDL Strategies does have an Affiliate Program. If you love what JDL Strategies is about and know anyone, friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, who you think would benefit from the range of services that we provide, then we would love to hear from you, and from them!

In growing any good business, marketing is a serious consideration and word of mouth referrals have always been at the heart of the growth of JDL Strategies.

We welcome any chance to help more people genuinely escape the rat race and finally live the lives that they desire and deserve.

So we thought that instead of paying media companies, why not help those who know and help us? Therefore, as a gesture of our appreciation for your spreading the good news about us, JDL Strategies has a referral program in place to ensure we share with you the money that we save on marketing, logistics and sales costs thanks to your referral. Empowering your chain reaction is much more stimulating to us than just paying a TV station, radio or newspaper representative…

Which means cash in your pocket just for spreading the good news! All that is required of you is to tell people about the kind of powerful, personalised wealth creation guidance that JDL Strategies can offer to them, and if they are interested in finding out more, simply let us know and we’ll do the rest! They can either contact us directly or you can let us know how to contact them. PLUS! If you want to get serious and do business with JDL Strategies by actively promoting our services, we have prepared a special pack for you to get started! Our Referrer’s Pack is filled with special promotional items which will assist you in better explaining to people how JDL Strategies can help them on their journey to achieving their financial goals, which means more chances for you to make money.

To request an application form please contact us, then start spreading the word! The *JDL Strategies Group will pay it’s marketing component to an Affiliate as follows: Individuals – $550 incl. GST Professionals – $1,100 up to $2,200 incl. GST.

*JDL Strategies group of companies (the “Group”). The Group includes all of our financial planning, insurance, broking, finance, accounting, technological, superannuation, and fund management affiliates.

This is one way we teach clients to play the game of capitalism in safety. You see many sad stories of banks foreclosing on people’s homes if something goes wrong.

At JDL Strategies we set up your finance for your investments with different banks so that the banks can’t cross collateralize – that way if things go wrong it buys you more time to sort things out. It also means you get to choose which investment the banks see rather than having the banks in the position of power.

If you are cross-collateralized the bank would have access to all your assets. This way it spreads your risk out, puts you in control, and protects (firewalls) you more.

The information JDL Finance receives on your data collection form enables the Finance Managers to perform a “Capacity to Borrow” with different Lending Institutions.

This will depend upon factors such as how much you currently have in liabilities, the current bank assessment rates, if you have dependant children, how much you earn, etc.

Every client is different depending on their situation.

As a general guideline Loan Mortgage Insurance is payable on all fully verified loans with an LVR over 80%. Lo Doc loans normally attract Loan mortgage insurance when the LVR exceeds 60%.

LVR stands for Loan to Value ratio. For example, if a home is purchased for $500,000 and the loan required is $250,000 then the LVR is 50%. If the loan is for $300,000 the LVR is 60%. (Divide the loan amount by the purchase amount).

A customer with a $150,000 home loan over 30 years would pay approximately $167,190 in interest.

If the customer had an offset account linked to the home loan for the entire loan term with a constant balance of $10,000 in it, they would pay the loan off in 26 years and 4 months and pay just approximately $127,553 in interest.

This represents a saving of three years and eight months and approximately $38,636 in interest. (example only).

When it comes to buying an investment property should you use a property management company?

Let’s get real about this – The thought of losing a percentage of your weekly rental income to a property management company may strike you as rather excessive, but sometimes that cut can pay dividends in the short and long term.

One very good reason to use a property manager is because they are the perfect buffer between you and your tenant — and if relations were to deteriorate you might be very grateful that you are not the front man.

It’s important that your property manager is a licensed real estate agent with an understanding of the state laws regarding rental properties.

You are not just looking for somebody to collect the rent on a weekly or monthly basis — that more often than not is done electronically these days. In most cases you probably need somebody to provide total management of the property: finding and screening the tenants, regular inspections of your investment and sourcing tradesmen for ongoing maintenance.

It is vitally important to point out that JDL Strategies is not a real estate agent. We are a wealth creation company, that exists to help our clients achieve financial freedom through many different avenues.

Australia’s real estate market is internationally recognised for it’s stability and great long term yields for investors.

For this reason alone JDL Strategies may make recommendations to our clients in regards to securing real estate for investment purposes.

Compared to other companies in Australia who may appear to offer a similar service, there is a vital distinction when dealing with JDL Strategies. For JDL Strategies, finance is king.

JDL Strategies exists to help its clients achieve financial freedom and therefore everything, including investment opportunities through real estate, is all determined from a financial perspective.

Almost every other company that advertises property investment is only interested in “selling” you a property.

This is clearly seen when a company puts the cart before the horse, by pushing a particular property on you before working with you and spending time and energy going through your own particular financial situation and finding the solution that will suit you best. This is the JDL Strategies difference.

The experienced research team at JDL Property Research sifts through a vast array of property market and other data, and spends considerable time ‘on the ground’, to pinpoint locations and projects positioned to deliver strong capital growth, low vacancy rates, and high rental returns for investors. Thereby taking the ‘hard work’ out of the equation for our clients.

hat’s a great question, but also very open ended. There are a number of factors that determine where you should invest.

Most of which are determined by your own unique financial situation. What area? What type of property? How much should we spend?

The JDL Property Division and JDL Finance work together closely to ascertain what would be the best property for you to invest in. It’s absolutely true that some areas out-perform others in capital growth, just as true as one brand of shoe can be better than another.

But just as we all need shoes to suit our different shape and sized feet, the same is true in regards to investing.

That is what JDL Strategies is all about, working with you to tailor make a strategy to suit your particular needs and situation and find the right property to invest in, not just a good one.

Due to the ever increasing demand for real estate in and around Australia’s high growth areas, local councils are making developers decrease the lot sizes of their developments.

In order to keep up with population growth in and around major growth areas, more and more local councils require developers to release smaller lots of land in an effort to fit more people in an area.

This is a fact of life if you want a piece of land where the action is, you either take a smaller than traditional block like everyone else or buy a townhouse with hardly any land at all.

From a tenants perspective, smaller backyards are better anyway, otherwise they complain that they spend their weekend mowing the lawn and gardening.

Unless a major highway or freeway runs right past the front door, the closer you are to roads, trains and transport corridors the better. Sound strange? If you want a property in a growing bustling area, it is a given that there will be a growing bustling population. That means new roads, shops and schools all contributing to the growth of this property.

We are confident in our recommendations and research due to the quality and quantity of prior research we do on our clients’ behalf. Before any property is presented to our clients, a great deal of research and investigation by the JDL Property Division is done into the builders that we recommend and also on the location that these builders are constructing properties in. We don’t deal with just any builder that knocks on our door, nor do we present our clients with locations that do not meet our strict requirements.

By doing this for our clients we take the hard work out of the equation when looking for a good sound investment. But of course, we also encourage all our clients to do their own research and come back to us with any questions. We don’t expect you to just take our word on a matter!

We have painstakingly assembled an integrated network of specialist providers, each with deep expertise in their field. And we bring them together to focus on just one thing: designing a wealth creation blueprint especially for you. Also remember when you are buying property, we use all the selection criteria (the 44 point check list) and valuations guarantee – it takes the emotion out.

We always insist on you viewing the property first. So you really are protected. We do it all for you and at the end of it all the results are rather clinical: your property value goes up with good equity and capital growth, and it gets tenanted out with great rental returns. Our clients are always happy.

When you buy a property we structure it so that you insist the contract is subject to finance and subject to valuation. If the bank’s (who always value low) valuation doesn’t come in within 8% of the sale price – you don’t buy that property.

That way you can never buy an overpriced property. Understand that the bank’s valuation is very close to a 30 day “fire sale” price meaning that if they did have to sell it they want their money back in as short a time as possible.

No listing for months with an agent. It’s a quick sale and as you know that means a cheap price. We account for this.

JDL Finance has over 30 years combined experience amongst its senior finance staff. Accompany this with a thorough knowledge of the industry and you have a great finance team.

What makes it an awesome team is the support that JDL Finance has to assist each one of its staff in making the most informed and correct decision for each one of our clients!

Accountants, Financial Planners and a property research division that works together to give the client the best products, structures and finance to help each individual move forward with their Wealth Creation Strategy.

There are not many (if any) finance companies that can say they have all this under one roof working for the same common goal. This is what makes JDL Finance the team to use for your finance!

1. When you create a firewall between lenders you have more control on what to do if your situation is critical and you need to sell properties. For instance; in the case where funder

A holds the mortgage over the investment property and also the owner occupied property and one of the properties needs to be sold the bank will always try to enforce the sale of the investment property first.

They will then take all the funds to repay the debt they hold from the sale of this property. All funds are used and the clients need to repay the remaining debt from their own sources. In the instance where they can not repay the loan then the bank will foreclose on the owner occupied property as well. When a firewall is in place the client can sell the investment property or the bank can sell the investment property.

In this instance the bank that holds the first mortgage on the investment property will only require for their debt to be repaid. We then recommend that any excess funds from the sale of the property be used to assist in the repayment of the mortgage against the owner occupied property until any insurance help out or until the client has got themselves into the position to help themselves.

2. Another reason for a firewall is that when a client needs to go into mortgage insurance it is calculated on a sliding scale.

For instance, if a client needs to go to 90% on both the refinance and the purchase and use the same funder it can cost a lot more than if we use two separate funds e.g. Two properties both worth $500,000 (total of securities is $1,000,000).

The client wishes to borrow 90% against both properties as they already have an existing loan of $400,000 against the owner occupied property. In this case the client will not pay mortgage insurance just against the increase and the purchase but the full $900,000 loan.

Mortgage insurance with Genworth for instance would be $17,730 but if this was split in to two separate funds and then given to Genworth again, the mortgage insurance on a $450,000 loan is $6,975, twice this is $13,950. A saving of $3,780.00. This amount over a 30 year term on an interest rate of 7% would incur $5,273.44 interest or total cost of $9,053.44 extra.

3. The other consideration is that as mortgage insurance is calculated on the whole loan it then needs to be proportioned to what is the personal portion and what is the investment portion.

This is why we are always trying to do the minimum lend against the property that holds the owner occupied debt and the most against the investment property.

In the finance structure JDL Strategies will show where the funds for deposit and costs, as well as allowing a future buffer, will come from.

This is taken from equity in another property such as your owner occupied or investment property. This investment loan will be interest only.

By paying interest only allows you to maximise your tax benefits. It also allows you to go forward with other investments in your portfolio by paying the least amount off your investment debt. Principal and Interest repayments reduce your debt and also the loan repayments are higher than interest only.

An offset account is a transaction account that can be linked to your home or investment loan.

The credit balance of your transaction account is offset daily against your outstanding loan balance, reducing the interest payable on that loan.

Offset accounts enable you to make the most of your income and other funds to reduce the interest payable on your home loan, thereby reducing your loan term.

Simple answer is YES! The contract you end up signing with your property manager should be checked by a lawyer because the contract can be adapted to include or exclude matters you deem important.

For instance, you might include a clause stating that you wish to be advised of rental arrears within a particular timeframe; or you might want to put a cap on the extent of maintenance repairs that can be conducted without seeking your approval.

The manager is acting on your behalf so as long as your wishes are within the law then there’s no reason why they cannot be met.

High on the list should be experience. How many properties does the firm manage and how long have they been in the industry? And do they have conflict resolution expertise?

But even more important is the property manager’s communication skills with both you as the landlord and with the tenant. The manager you choose should also be able to communicate with you and your tenant by the method of your choice, whether it’s SMS, email, phone or general mail.

Another good measure of the quality of a property management company is its Internet exposure. Most renters are Internet users so you should check out the Property Management’s presence on the Internet.

Good creative marketing on the Internet is a key sign of the agent’s ability to provide its services. While you may lose a percentage of your rental income to the property manager, it may well be worth your while if things were to sour between you and your tenant.

Our research team goes to work for you armed with JDL Strategies’ unique 44 point checklist for choosing property.

Properties could be anywhere in Australia that meets the selection criteria. The best part is this crack team has its finger on the property pulse and do all the research for you.

Every client at JDL Strategies knows exactly what to look for in a property regardless of the location.

Please also understand this. Property is just one arm of investing. Remember the going to the market analogy… butchers selling only meat, fishmongers only fish? You need a balanced diet to be healthy don’t you?

Same with investing. You need a balance across property, shares, managed funds, superannuation and so on to ensure you have a “healthy” investment portfolio that will stand you in good stead during all phases of the economic cycle.

When you come to JDL Strategies, we will develop your diversified portfolio based on your circumstances.

A large portion of the depreciation of a property is written off in the first 5 years.

Therefore by purchasing brand new, you are ensuring that you get the best tax deductions possible making the property much more affordable for you. It also eliminates the concern that unforeseen things may go wrong, like with an old property.

With a new House & Land package you are covered by a 6 month maintenance period and a 6 year builder’s warranty.

You save money on the stamp duty as it is only payable on the land component and not the total purchase price as it is when you buy an existing property. You are also getting a new house built by a JDL Strategies approved builder in a new and developing area.

The package is presented to JDL Strategies by the builder with the best possible house design for the block and colour scheme for the street and estate.

They take into account the size and shape of the block, the design covenants for the estate and make sure that if they are building multiple houses in a street, that no two houses are identical, which could easily happen if the decision was made by their clients.

All colour schemes are chosen by professionals to a neutral scheme making the property tenant friendly & removing any emotional attachment from the owner.

Ultimately though, it’s vital to remember that this is not a heart decision. The property is merely a device, a means to financial gain. If despite all this you still would like to choose the colour scheme of your investment, this can be arranged.

Every tree is known by its fruit. Take a good look around Client Reviews page on the website, read through the reviews and watch the videos that feature some of our clients stories.

True stories of people just like you, whose financial situations and lives have been transformed with the help of JDL Strategies.

You the consumer are covered in 4 ways. Here’s how it works: First, benefits have to be greater than the costs… or your money back! We only take a client on if, in writing, we can show you that the benefits will be greater than the costs.

Second, on engagement with JDL Strategies and if the recommendation is to build/buy your first investment property, there is a 100% valuation guarantee – if your property does not value within 8% of what you are paying for it, we are not going to buy it.

Third, You and you alone own the investment. Unlike some of the more unsavoury failed ‘schemes’ of the last few years, JDL does not take a ‘cut’, there are no other hidden partners, you’re not in a ‘syndicate’, you own it, it is yours alone! It is an asset that can be sold or used to fund other projects should you choose. It is entirely yours.

Fourth, how many others fully crunch your numbers and base their next step advice on proven wealth creation principles based on the “Chain Reaction” formula? How many others back their services to the hilt like JDL Strategies does?

In everyday terms a chain reaction is one thing occurring that leads to another right? Same in finance and investing. Think about it this way… 1. Debt Reduction 2. Taxation Planning 3. Investing. So the more you invest the less tax you pay. The less tax you pay, the more you drive your debt down. The more you drive your debt down, the more you have to invest.

The more you invest, the less tax you pay… IT’S A CHAIN REACTION! We ensure you get the ball rolling in the right direction so your finances take shape the way you want them to. The process involves crunching your numbers and then integrating aggressive debt reduction, co-ordinated tax planning and savvy investment strategies to create wealth. Most financial planners focus on one or two areas only.

When you come to JDL Strategies you follow this proven wealth creation formula that integrates all three for your personal “Chain Reaction”. Does that make sense? It does doesn’t it? How come so many people you know don’t have one of those processes? And by the way, there is no product focus (flogging)… we don’t sell products… our focus is solely on you and your needs.

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