Last week, we wrote about how great leadership helps make a great team. It was evident in the last NRL grand final as captains Johnathan Thurston and Justin Hodges rallied their teams and helped put on the greatest NRL grand final yet.

This time, we want to discuss what happens when you don’t listen to good advice, as Jamie Whincup learned the hard way in the recent Bathurst 1000 event.

Title Hopes in Tatters?

For the second year in a row, Jamie Whincup defied team orders and gambled on continuing the race, which eventually cost him the race and potentially his title hopes. On lap 138, the fourth safety car of the race was sent out, as Scott Pye lost control of his Falcon and slammed into the side of Mount Panorama.

But instead of queueing in the pit lane as ordered by his team, Whincup continued on and went past the safety car, earning the ire of his teammates. The four-time Bathurst winner, who was at the second position at the time, was consequently penalised and dropped to the back with only 20 laps left. Whincup finished 18th.

After the race, Whincup admitted his mistake and said that he thought the safety car displayed green. “I tried to do the right thing by the team and stay out then I saw the safety car boards and knew I’d made a massive error.”

“I was coming up the hill and I saw the green light so I thought ‘happy days’ and went straight past. But I don’t want to bring the team down,” he continued.

No “I” in “Team”

One could empathise with him and see why he made that decision. He believed he was doing the right thing thereby giving the team a huge boost. But ultimately, his split-second decision made all the difference, costing him the race and, quite possibly, the title.

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