There are several strategies in creating wealth and investing in property is regarded as one of the most effective. In terms of returns, we believe your money is far better off in property than leaving it in the bank. Combined with debt reduction and tax minimisation strategies, you can secure your retirement effectively.

To Have and to Hold

To maximise the growth of your property portfolio holding properties for the long term is a better option. Some investors today, in fear of missing out, buy and sell property as fast as they can, hoping to reap short-term gains. What they don’t realise is that they’re missing out on potentially greater capital gains if they hold their properties for a long time.

In It for the Long Term

The key here is knowing where it’s best to invest and to hold. There are many other good locations apart from Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane and other parts of South East Queensland, for instance, have a lot of promising property choices at the moment. On the other hand, you only have to look just outside cities for good property stocks. The outer suburbs of Melbourne, for example, are prime spots for savvy property investors.

In Perth, which is experiencing a price downturn in some areas you can find good properties that can provide good returns in the long run. The important thing here is to learn more about the area and see if the property stock fits your portfolio.

If you’re looking for an investment option with long-term sustainable growth, property is your best choice. We at JDL Strategies can help you plan your strategy and do your research before you go into property investing. We can help you get started and show you how hundreds of everyday Aussies have managed to grow a smart property portfolio.

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