Not all millionaires were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Becoming one can’t be achieved overnight either. Unless Lady Luck smiles upon you and you hit the lottery jackpot, there simply is no shortcut to being a millionaire.

Nearly every millionaire owes their success to discipline and adapting good daily habits. Mr Julio De Laffitte, businessman, entrepreneur, and founder of JDL Strategies, is one of those who strongly believe that the right mindset and habits can make you successful in business and in life. Here are some nuggets of wisdom from Mr De Laffitte on cultivating winning habits:

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Find the right people

“Letting go of the reins and delegating to the people best suited to the task is a recipe for growth, progress and, ultimately, success.”

If you’re managing a team you need to find, not only the best, but the right people for the job. Each of us has strengths and weaknesses. Tap into your team’s diverse talents and maximise the skills of each one.

Be specific with your goals

“Lofty goals and faraway dreams aren’t going to get you anywhere. Any goal I set, whether it’s personal or business related, is actionable and measurable.”

Goals determine your plan of action. So without specific goals, you may as well aim for nothing. Think about how you can achieve your plans and create the strategies for it. Be as specific as possible and get help if you feel lost or overwhelmed.

Get real with your finances

“Getting real with your finances is the only way you’re going to become a millionaire. If you don’t have a good picture of where you stand you’ll never be able to move forward.”
You need to know where your money is coming and going, so take a closer look at your finances and know your net worth. You’ll be able to manage unexpected expenses and improve your financial position when you have a good understanding of your finances.

Investing in the right resources

“The right resources for the job make things incredibly easy for my team and myself”

Ensure that you have everything you need to run your business. Millionaires like Mr De Laffitte don’t settle for anything less than outstanding, particularly when getting the right resources.

Push your limits

“By allowing yourself to drop these self-imposed limitations on how much money you can ‘have,’ you open the doors to unlimited wealth.”

Sometimes, the only one that’s stopping you from achieving greatness is you. Push your limits, challenge yourself, and dream more. When you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything.

You too can be as successful as Mr De Laffitte. Talk to us and know how to build and expand your property portfolio, create real wealth and plan for your retirement.