A good property investor knows that effective property management can go a long way to ensuring a successful investing future. It helps make good tenants stay and keeps the properties in good condition. So how do you prepare your property for the cooler weather? Tammy Goynich, property manager of Your Future Property Management, shares some of her tips:

Clean the Gutters

It is important to remove fire hazards as soon as possible, especially if your property is at risk of bushfires. Goynich recommends cleaning the gutters first to get rid of leaf litter. “This is something to keep an eye out for. Obviously, if your gutters are full, it can help contribute to any fire. It’s very important to make sure your gutters are clean,” Goynich said.

Inspect Pool Fencing

If you have a pool or are planning to build one on your property, you should know by now that pool fencing is a legal requirement here in Australia. Goynich said, “New legislation is coming later this year with regards to pool fencing around pools in our properties.”

Ensuring that you comply with the regulations now will save you a lot of problems in the future, and improve the value of your property as well. A good property agent will remind landlords of their responsibilities and ensure inspections are carried out when necessary.

 Clean the Air-Conditioning Unit

When it comes to the air conditioning unit, Goynich said, “[The] best thing to do is to make sure your filters are clean, both inside the unit itself and also on the external unit.” Neglecting maintenance might affect the unit’s performance and your utility bill. Conduct regular inspections to ensure that the unit is still in good condition.

The bottom line here is that regular maintenance is a crucial part of property management. “If you can do all of these things and make your properties as secure and fire-proof as possible, you’ll have a successful summer period with no issues at all.”

Property investing is a business, which means you need to have a solid plan managing your properties. Your Future Property Management can help you maintain your rental properties and keep you and your tenants happy.

If you want to know more about property maintenance, watch the video here. To learn more about effective property investing strategies, call us now.