New property investors are often told to pick a good location when buying a property. But have you really asked yourself why location is important?

Knowing where to invest should not be based on guesswork. There are lot of factors involved in determining whether a property is suited to your portfolio or not. If you just look into wherever the crowd is now without research to back you up, you could end up losing a lot.

At JDL Strategies, we use a comprehensive 44-point checklist — with help from our research team — to find out if a property is worth investing in. And for over 20 years, we have helped pick out best property options for our clients.

Location, location, location

Recently published a list of high growth areas which are under $550,000. Some time ago, JDL Strategies identified two of these locations for investors, specifically Tarneit and Craigieburn in Victoria. And for to include these areas in their list now proves how our solid research and our 44-point checklist can help you find the best property locations at the right time.

In Craigieburn, buyers are flocking because of relatively lower prices. While it’s not in the central business district per se, its close proximity to it and affordability are enough to make the suburb popular to buyers, averaging an annual growth of 12%.

Location is not just about proximity to the central business district or access to major establishments and institutions. You should also consider future development plans for the area. In Tarneit, for instance, there’s a new train station that is slated to open this year. This means, commuting to and from the city will be easier, making it more convenient for the residents and adding value to the property market there.

If you go through our checklist, you’ll know what to look for in an investment property. But it’s best to consult with property experts to know what steps to take next.

The best property advice can go a long way       
There’s nothing like solid property research to back your investment decisions. Our 44-point checklist filters out the average properties and identifies the ones that have the best capital gain potential. If you’re serious about securing your retirement, you need to pick the right properties in the right location


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