Failure is an integral part of every entrepreneur’s journey to true success. I can guarantee that every person reading this has failed in some respect on their path through life so far. But failure doesn’t equate to loss – instead it encourages, and often accelerates, your future success.

Consider learning to walk as a child. At first, your legs are jelly – you don’t have the confidence or the knowledge to stand up, let alone make full use of their potential. But persistence, and encouragement from those around you, drives you from a crawl to a walk.

As you grow, so does your confidence and your experience, until eventually you’re running – sprinting – and seeing how far you can push yourself beyond what was once an unimaginable task.

To succeed in both business and life, we must accept that by our own hand or someone else, we will fail. What we take away from this to nurture and accelerate our success is entirely down to the belief you have in yourself, and your resilience as a businessman in the face of failure.

Remember: everyone must learn to walk, it’s only through failing and picking ourselves up again that we can find the confidence to run.