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For over 20 years the
JDL Chain Reaction® Strategy has helped create over 2,000 multi-million dollar investment portfolios.

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"The more you invest, the less tax you pay. 

The less tax you pay, the more money you have to drive your debt down. 

The more you drive your debt down, the more money you have to invest. 

This is what we call the JDL Chain Reaction® Strategy.

Here’s what we will cover...

Learn the JDL Chain Reaction® Strategy, step-by-step and how you can use it to acquire a multimillion-dollar portfolio across property, shares, managed funds and gold.

How to engage with Australia as a tax haven and protect your assets.

How to massively drive down your debt down once
and for all.

How to use your superannuation to build your investment portfolio.

How to use property as a key to leveraging more investments.

How to carefully plan all your portfolios to build a passive income source in retirement.

How to create wealth regardless of any economy.

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Feedback from those who have built
multi-million dollar investment portfolios using the JDL Chain Reaction® Strategy

"Do we keep renting or do we buy our own house? ... "

"... it helped streamline the little time we've got left, with retirement around the corner, we would like to be comfortable ... "

"What a shock when we found out we could live for about 5 years before we'd run out of money ... Now we've got a couple of investment properties and it has completely transformed our lives."

The banks said "No" but JDL helped us acquire 4 investment properties.

"I'd been buying properties my own way but I wished I'd known about this sooner..."

"We spoke for many years of investing off the farm, so that we’ll have something after we pass it on and our kids don’t have to worry about where we’re going and what we’re doing.

That’s what we’re doing with JDL Strategies — making this asset work for us while we have it."

– David and Gwenda

Mary and I would just like to thank you both once more for your presentation this evening, which was extremely thorough and left very little doubt that we are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime with JDL.

– Paul & Mary

"I’d encourage people to take a look at their options and to see what’s possible because it is actually a lot easier than what you think"

– Brian Giltay

"Talk about a light being switched on, I found the evening completely enlightening. Julio is a fantastic communicator and was able to provide the information in an energetic and electric way. I have to admit that I didn’t want to leave, I found my ah-ha moment during the presentation and was privileged to be able to chat to Julio at the end of the presentation. Again thank you for this enlightening event! "

– Shaun R

"At 50, with not the greatest set up for super, we certainly needed to get started on planning for retirement and life afterwards. That was fairly late to start so we’re very happy to think that 10 years later we’ve got investment properties that give us a secure base. The whole process of building that portfolio is something I couldn’t have handled, but working with JDL Strategies we’ve found it really very easy."

– Geoff W

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Julio De Laffitte

Property Investor, Educator, Entreprenuer

"The key to building wealth is making money work for you, not working for money. And the key to building wealth faster is making that money work harder. At JDL Strategies, we have helped over 2000 investors make that happen."

—Julio De Laffitte