How long are you going to search for your dream home? Will you settle for the next best thing or will you continue searching no matter how long it takes? One couple in East Ryde took a gamble and searched for more than a decade before they finally found the home they’ve been dreaming of.

The 11-Year Search

The new owners of a wonderful three-bedroom property in East Ryde took 11 years before finally finding their dream home.

“I don’t know what the reasoning was. They’ve found properties they have liked in the past but missed out or it hasn’t been enough for them to go the extra mile,” real estate agent James Sarzano explains.

East Ryde is a suburb in New South Wales, surrounded by bushland and water on almost every side. Its picturesque location is easily one of the top reasons why many are looking to buy a property there. Sarzano said that bidders of the property “liked the views to the water, it is on a big block of 1644sq m land and has the potential to build with captivating views.” The suburb’s close proximity to the city also adds to the value of the place

The house itself occupies a small portion of the block, with open-plan living space and a separate kitchen and studio. The new owners bought the property for a cool $1.831 million, which for them, might be a bit of a bargain.

Taking the Chore Out of the Equation

We commend the extraordinary patience and dedication the couple has shown in searching for their dream home. But other buyers don’t have to wait that long or over-analyse matters. Through solid research, you can identify which areas are primed for growth and what are the best properties suited to your investment goals.

Furthermore, there are professionals you can hire who can take the chore out of   the process of buying a property. Whether you’re an investor or an owner-occupier, buying a property requires a significant amount of time and effort, something which many Australians just don’t have the luxury of having.

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