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Meet Mandy and Allan

When we met Mandy and Allan, they were in their mid-40s. They had figured out their projected income after another 20 years of working – 20 YEARS! We calculated that, if they continued on their current path, they would only have enough income to provide for 8 years and 7 months post-retirement. That’s simply not enough!

We put together a property investment plan for them which would give them projected returns of $162,550 per year post-retirement, for more than 30 years.

Our plan also meant they could retire much earlier as well … because, let’s be honest, who wants to keep working for another 20 years. Our goal is to reduce the amount of time you need to keep working and make your retirement longer and happier. And with the right property investment strategies, that’s entirely possible. We’ve done it for hundreds of people so far, so we KNOW it works.

Meet Fabian and Elly

When we first met them, Fabian and Elly were a couple in their 30s. They wanted to retire in 15 years, at the age of 45. Imagine that – 45 years old, completely retired and spending the rest of your life doing the things you choose to do.

The problem was that our calculations showed that they’d only be able to sustain the lifestyle they wanted for 21 years and 3 months. After that, at 66, they’d be in trouble.

With our financial plan, they now have enough projected income to have a great income and lifestyle for more than 35 years.


John was a hard worker and he had saved some money. And he had plenty of time to set up his retirement. In fact, he had a plan to retire in 16 years. That’s it, in 16 years, off the tools, no more work, full, complete, happy retirement.

But there was a problem. The amount he could save before he retired would only provide enough income for him to survive for 13 years and 4 months after retirement … which meant that he couldn’t really retire in 16 years. He wanted to retire at 65, and we established with him that he would be broke at 78 years of age. No money for all the hobbies he’s planned for himself.

After the funds run out? Well, there wasn’t a plan for that either. Buy a lotto ticket? Borrow from family? Downsize? Hope?

Fortunately, he came to us. And we developed a property investment strategy using the SAME money that he already earns. So, just to be really clear … the strategy wasn’t based on him getting a pay rise, it wasn’t based on him giving up his Saturday night dinner plans and living on one-minute noodles. Our strategy used the same income he earns … we just cleared up all the inefficiencies. In other words, we cleared up where he was leaking money and he didn’t even know that he was leaking.

The net result? John’s savings wouldn’t die off after 13 years of retirement. He’d be set for a much better lifestyle indefinitely, without settling for a lower retirement income. He would actually be getting $155,797 a year from his investments … so that gave him lots to play with his hobbies, and STILL have some left over to pass on to his children. And THAT really took the ‘worry’ away. With us, he got certainty.

Meet Martin and Carmel

Martin and Carmel came to us in 2003 when Martin was a new GP. He was earning an income of $260k pa. He contributed 10% to his personal Superannuation. Carmel was employed as an accountant and was earning a gross income of $64k.They had cash savings of $70k, a total Super balance of $230k and managed funds to the value of $60k. They own their own home valued at $1.6M with a personal debt against it of $890k. Monthly repayments was $4.5k. They had an investment portfolio to the value of $650k with a debt against it of $45ok. We estimated that it was costing them $42 per week to hold that asset.

Their dream – retire in 17 years.

Doing nothing else other than what they were already doing – Martin and Carmel would be able to retire in 17 years. Their funds would last them 26 years.

AFTER implementing the JDL Strategy…

It took 4 years for us to completely change their future. We changed ALL of their numbers… Instead of waiting for 17 years to retire… they were in a position to retire in 9 years. Instead of enough funds to last them 26 years… their funds are projected to NEVER run out (in fact, they will keep increasing in value).

Martin and Carmel are now retired. This happened 9 years after meeting us. They’re young. They’re in their late forties. We gave them certainty.

Meet Sally

We meet Sally in 2007. She was 42 with an income of $200k. Her house was valued at $2.1M and her mortgage was $1.2M. She also had $600k in super and shares. Sally was very special to us. She worked 90 hours per week. She was ambitious and driven.

Her dream — work in 3rd world countries when retired.

She also had a desire to contribute her services — for no charge — in 3rd world countries. She believed that this would have to happen in about 18 years time, when she was around 60. With her current money management, she would have had enough retirement funds to support her for 13 years post retirement. So that means she would have been broke by 73. That’s right — after a life of caring for others… who wold care for her?

AFTER implementing the JDL Strategy…

Firstly, 5 years after joining us, she’s now over in Borneo. So right now, she’s ‘officially’ retired and living her dream.

So her dream didn’t happen in 18 years in the future, she got there in 5 years! AND… all of her numbers changed. Instead of running out of money 13 years post retirement, she now has an investment portfolio that gives her a passive income of $230k. That’s $30k MORE than what she was earning working 90 hours per week.

These are just a few examples and the list goes on and on…

In fact, as we said before, we could show you hundreds of examples like these where we’ve ACTUALLY achieved these results for people.
We are not talking about hundreds of projections that just look nice.

We are talking about actually having created hundreds of millionaires in Australia through smart property investment.

So, the fun part… how do we make this happen?

The first thing to understand is that property research is absolutely critical. Without the right research, you can’t create the right ‘chain reaction’ with your investments.

Now, you might be wondering what we mean by a ‘chain reaction’, right?

This is what’s really important, and it’s what makes the JDL Strategies Property Millionaire System unique. It’s what we call the sequence of property accumulation for maximum results.

And it goes like this …

  1. First is Property Research to make sure you get the right location.
  2. Next is the right Property Finance, and this is the really critical part that most people overlook.
  3. Then, you’re in a position to purchase, so you acquire a high-performance property.
  4. Next, you enjoy the capital growth from the expertly selected property and that then gives you enough equity to use as a deposit to get your next property.
  5. And then you recycle over and over again making even bigger gains. And that’s how smart investors go – from very little to being millionaires in a short space of time.

But here’s another massive secret.

You don’t have to be a smart investor. You don’t have to spend a lot of time learning how it all works. What you really need is the right team around you who can put together a wealth creation strategy through property that will make you a millionaire. A team with entire research and finance and acquisition departments who are constantly seeking out the best deals and the smarter ways to finance them.

And that’s exactly the team we have. At JDL strategies, we have expert financers, stock acquisition managers, and researchers. That’s the secret to our success – making sure the team that supports your goals really knows what they’re doing.

So the hundreds of millionaires we’ve created have all come from using our system. They have used our research and finance teams to buy the right properties with the right finance.

It’s what gives you the edge in property investment. It’s how we have created the difference for hundreds of property millionaires that no other company in Australia has come close to doing.

We would like you to be our next millionaire.

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