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How Many Properties Do You Need to Retire?

If you are relying on using income for investment properties as a retirement plan then it may not be in your best interest to acquire as many assets as you can possibly afford. Times have changed: property taxes are higher and renters are more unreliable. This then begs the question: “How many properties do I…

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Aussies living longer but who will pay for it?

A staggering 44,000 Australians are expected to reach the ripe old age of 100 by 2055 according to the Government’s latest Intergenerational Report. The report estimates there will be nine-times the amount of 100-year-olds than we currently have and well over 300 times the amount we had in 1975.

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Dwelling Values on the Rise: Is Your Area on the List?

The circle continues with dwelling (both houses and units) values rising and rental yields shrinking, according to the latest CoreLogic RP Data statistics. It’s great news if you’re a property owner — if you’re based in or around a capital city the value of your property is increasing and has been on an upward path…

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7 major investing mistakes you must avoid

Investing can bring exciting rewards or costly mistakes – here are 7 mistakes to avoid! 1. Getting emotionally involved – Yes, by the very fact that money affects you and your family’s lifestyle personally, it can be easy to get emotions tangled with investment decisions.  Combat this by taking your time to make decisions and…

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From the Archives: One Killer Budgeting Tip You Need Now

Today we’re revisiting a mid-week quick tip we sent out earlier in the year. It’s now March if you haven’t got your budgeting under control it’s never too late to start. At JDL Strategies we’re all about you making the most of your money and we want to share with you one awesome budgeting tip.

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New Tax Targets Foreign Investors, But Is It Worth It?

A newly proposed tax to reduce competition in the housing market for first home buyers will be slapped on foreign investors after the Abbott Government promise to crackdown on foreign ownership of Aussie homes. The government’s tax on offshore property buyers is just one part of the crackdown — there will be criminal and civil…

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Three red flags when it comes to purchasing property

Acquiring an investment property can be an amazing time in your life. It’s exciting and a little bit nerve racking all at the same time. But when entering the property market as an investor emotion must be pushed aside. Don’t read into that as ‘don’t follow your gut’ — that’s not what I am saying…

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Five Sneaky Costs New Home Buyers Must Be Aware of

Yay! You’re looking into buying your first home –or you’re trying to help someone who is– how exciting. Hopefully you’re on the way to saving for a deposit and you’ve got a solid strategy in place to help create wealth for you (if not we’ve got you covered). Just so you’re 100% prepared for the…

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