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Is Chris Zappone Wrong About Steve Keen

Chris Zappone, a prominent reporter who contributes to the Sydney Morning Herald, Fairfax Business Day and the Brisbane Times is fond of expounding on the information from Steve Keen’s “Debtwatch” when he writes about the state of the Australian Housing Market. However is this information about the state of the housing market in Australia accurate?…

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Rent Crisis on the Gold Coast?

  Every single self-help book ever written about wealth-building has always advised renters to do one thing. Don’t Rent! Own! Renting is not a good way to get rich, especially if you find yourself looking for a place to live in the middle of a rent crisis and competing for your dream home with people…

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Good News! Building Approvals Up 7% in QLD

  If you live in Queensland or are trying to move there then you are probably more than aware that there is quite a housing shortage in the area. In some sought-after residential areas there is a vacancy rent that is below 2% and there is a real shortage of family homes, particularly those with…

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