How can you become a millionaire through property investment?

At JDL Strategies we have created hundreds of millionaires in Australia to date through smart property investment.

How can you make this happen for yourself?

Well, the first thing to understand is that property research is absolutely critical. Without the right research, you can’t create the right ‘chain reaction’ with your investments. Now, you might be wondering what I mean by a ‘chain reaction’, right?


How to get good tenants for your property

What is a ‘good’ tenant?

For most of us, a good tenant is a long-term renter who pays the rent on time and treats our property with respect.

So what can we do to make sure we get a good tenant? Here are some key tips.


The Magic of Compounding

Do you have an everyday savings account? Most people do. But is it really working for you?

In reality, most savings accounts put you behind the eight-ball. If you receive, say, a 3% return on your savings (and some savings accounts are currently paying less than that),

pay tax on that money, and then inflation is also 3%, you are actually losing money.

Don’t be disheartened by this. For now just get the insight!

Let me show you something else.


How can you grow your super?

Superannuation (usually known as ‘super’) is compulsory in Australia.

The burning question for most people is:

‘Will my super be enough to provide for my retirement?’

The simple answer for most of us is ‘No, it won’t.’ In fact, it was never designed to provide for a comfortable retirement. Its purpose is more to force us to save for our retirement.


Property or shares – what should you invest in?

Which investment is better – shares or property?

Notice that the moment you are asked to choose, your brain is directed to the ‘one OR the other’ route!

Why would you invest in houses that often perform at 5% if you could invest in shares that perform at 10%?

Let’s look at pure risk/return …


The joys of negative gearing

negative gearing

At the mention of negative gearing, most people’s eyes light up. And with good reason. Essentially it means you are able to use OPM to buy property. What does OPM stand for? Other People’s Money! And the only way you can take advantage of OPM is to borrow it.


Do you have a plan to become wealthy?

Only 3 % of people become seriously wealthy. The other 97% end their working lives with their homes barely paid off and around $80,000 in super!

Why is this? Because the majority of people are conditioned to fail financially. The messages that most of us receive as we are growing up is that the important things in life are to have an education, get a job, live off our income and pay off a house. Does this sound familiar?


Tips for new and prospective landlords


So you have bought, or are considering buying, your first investment property. What are you expecting? An increase in the value of the property over time? Leverage through buying largely with borrowed funds? Tax advantages and perhaps cash flow if your property is positively geared? Tenants who pay on time and look after your property?

So far, so good. But what are the possible disadvantages? Here are a few – bad tenants (most landlords have a ‘bad tenant’ story), a long vacancy period, and unexpected large expenses (e.g. faulty wiring or roofing).


Taxes and Incentives for Property Investors

At JDL Strategies, we place a strong emphasis on property investment. Of course, it’s not the only form of investment, and we do suggest that you gradually obtain a broad portfolio of investments. But we believe that the best way to get started on your road to wealth is through property investment.

When contemplating any investment, prudent investors understand both the carrot and the stick – taxes imposed by governments and incentives they offer for property owners.