What is your investment strategy?

News from the property market continues to give us some positive recovery signs, even if any upswings may not be to the levels seen previously. Revealed this week is that the number of overdue payments on home loans are continuing to fall. This is a positive recovery indicator as it means that there are less borrowers out there who are struggling to pay their mortgages. It could also follow on that more people are in a position to take out new mortgages.



Tips for Refinancing Your Home

There comes a point when most home owners are looking at refinancing, whether that be to assist with the purchase of an investment property or due to the lure of a lower interest rate. If you are thinking of refinancing your home sometime soon, here are a few tips and things to look out for;


Rental Property Managers or Landlord Maintenance

A key element of managing rental properties for rental property managers or landlords is to understand the importance of keeping property well-maintained. By doing so, you are protecting both the landlords’ and the tenants’ interests.


Buying An Investment Property: Pros and Cons

Buying an investment property (or five) is certainly a very popular activity in Australia. In fact, more Australians have become millionaires from the property investment class than any other type. So, if you are looking at buying an investment property, what are the pros and cons?


Majority of Rental Owners Negatively Geared

Recent statistics released by the Australian Taxation Office for the 2009/10 financial year reveal that nearly two-thirds of rental property owners are negatively geared. There were a total of 1,751,679 individuals receiving rental income, with 37% making a profit ($0 or more) and the remaining 63% recording a loss on their rental properties.


3 Reasons to Stay with Investment management

The investment management scene has been choppy for the last couple of years, with fund managers reporting that nervous markets are seeing a downturn in their business. However, there remain some good reasons to have your investments taken care of by a professional…


Property Investment Pitfalls

It is very true that property investment is the best way to get rich in this day and age. In fact property investment is necessary for most people to roll over enough money to not be working past their retirement years.


Should You Pay Off Your Home Loan Sooner?

The question of whether or not you should pay your home loan ahead of schedule is going to depend on the type of loan you took out, how many years you are into when it comes to paying off the loan and how big of a penalty you might have to pay to pay it off early (often called a deferred variable fee.)


Five Hot Tips on Buying Your First Investment Property

Imagine being wealthy enough so you can retire early and let your assets do the hard work for you while you enjoy yourself.

Absolutely not. We believe that Australia is the best country in the world for growing your wealth, and property investment is the single best way to increase your assets and your wealth.

Here are some hot tips if you are buying your first investment property.