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About Julio De Laffitte & JDL Strategies

JDL Strategies helps everyday Australians build long-term wealth through low-risk investments and customised strategies that work. Through memberships, webinars, live events, blogs, educational platforms, one-on-one coaching and consultations, our quest to raise the financial intelligence of everyday Australians is at the heart and soul of everything we do.

Identifying a gap in the market more than two decades ago, founder Julio De Laffitte wanted to create a holistic solution to clever property investing that guided all types of investors from start to finish. From there, JDL Strategies was born. It’s since gone on to service thousands of clients across the country and New Zealand, creating many multi-millionaires in the process.

Our team brings expertise across finance, investing, strategy, risk analysis, accounting and more to ensure each client is a client for life.

If you want to build real wealth you need
to work with someone who has a track record.


We have used our integrated strategy for over 20 years to create over 2,000 multi-million dollar investment portfolios.

Here’s how we create the engine to fuel growing your wealth.

  • Aggressive debt minimisation
  • Pro-active tax deduction and planning
  • Intelligent investment management strategy

Properly configured, these three components will feed each other to give your personal wealth strategy extra momentum. Finely tuned, this can set up what we call a JDL Chain Reaction™. To achieve this, you need every aspect of your financial affairs – from finance to insurance and everything in between – to be working from the same plan towards the same objectives. This is where JDL Strategies can help.




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