Happy workers are productive workers. A motivated, passionate group of employees are going to work hard and help your business grow. Maximising revenue and increasing productivity will help your bottom line, but to get there, it is key to make your staff feel valued.

Here are five ways great leaders motivate their team.

Find the right people – and empower them
Do you have the right people, doing the right job, with the right resources? Empower your staff to do their work and do it well – and allow them some input on how the job gets done. They’ll feel trusted, valued and more responsible for the outcomes they deliver. If that’s not the case, think seriously about whether that individual is right for the role and for the business. A high-performing team feeds off each other and one toxic person can quickly weigh down the group.

Value your team and celebrate success
Great work should be noticed, recognised and appreciated. Whether it’s a quick email, a thank you or a shoutout at the staff meeting, your team should know they are valued. When someone goes above and beyond, it’s management’s job to shout it from the rooftops. Enthusiasm is infectious – so spread the good word and your team will continue to raise the bar.

Offer goals and incentives
While your staff are growing the business, they should also be growing as individuals. Make sure that along with setting objectives for the organisation, you’re giving each member of the team professional goals to work towards. No one wants a dead-end job, so offer opportunities for career advancement and increased remuneration as their skills and experience develop – or risk losing your best teammates to another business.

Have a vision – and communicate it
Don’t overlook the importance of employee communication. Leaders are busy, and it can be too easy to become a face on a newsletter or a name on an email. Touch base with your team in person. Share your vision for the business and engage their input. Do your staff feel comfortable approaching you, or other members of the management team, with new suggestions and ideas? Your vision will only be achieved if everyone is working towards it – so get your employees involved.

Lead from the top
You should be starting the new working year with vigour, feeling well-rested and motivated. Get your staff feeling inspired about what the business is setting out to achieve, and show them you’re excited about the year ahead. As a leader, what you do and how you approach the job plays a big part in your organisation’s culture. If you’re not passionate, why should they be?